My Lover’s Wife (R18+)

“…so what I’m saying is that your husband won’t leave me alone. ” I sat at the far end of the couch,  my body tense, waiting to flee,  in case she got violent.   Mrs.  Yewande,  the wife of the man I was fucking,  laughed.  I blinked.  I was not expecting that.  She looked at […]

Riding and Other Stories 2 (R18+)

What just happened?! His mind was all over the place, his brain still trying to catch up what just happened earlier.  Did she just…did that just…?!! He exhaled with a strange blend of disbelief and excitement as he clutched down and changed gears, fueling the car with some of the andrenaline that was pumping through […]

Riding and Other Stories 1 (R 18+) 

“You know I had a dream about you.” She said, exhaling smoke as she passed the joint to him. “Really?” he asked, with a smirk. “Was it any good?” “Well, I was more of a loop really.” She said, not looking at him. She suddenly felt shy. Which was stupid because they had been friends […]

What Happened? (R18+)

He held my head down on the table and ripped my panties off before shoving his dick inside me. I was not wet enough so it hurt a little, But after a few seconds, I moaned “Yes, please…” “Then what happened?” his voice shook a bit as he held himself still, his dick pulsing inside […]

Papi (R18+)

​I felt his eyes on me. I had told him that all he had to do was watch till I said otherwise. So far he was being good. We were all still dressed. He, in shorts and a tee, I was in a tank top and a thong, and she was in a short gown. […]

Crush (R18+)

​“Come here…” he said quietly. My heart was beating almost painfully against my chest. My mouth had gone dry and my legs were shaking. How did he expect me to move? Did he know the effect he had on me? I smiled and walked slowly towards him. I had taken a chance and finally agreed […]

Bad Sex (R18+)

I lay on the lumpy bed and closed my eyes.  It had been a long day and I was exhausted. I heard him moving around the cramped room looking for God knew what.  I didn’t open my eyes. Then I felt him pull my thighs apart and lie on top of me, his lips grazing […]