Fantasy (R18+)


The room is almost totally dark. Save for the light coming from the open bathroom, illuminating the unmade bed and drinks on the bed side table.

The air conditioner is on.

I am on my knees.


Goosebumps riddled all over my body.

My nipples are hard and pointed.

Hands tied at the wrists behind my back. Not so tight as to hurt, and also not so loose that I can escape. Easily.

Daddy is in front of me, his hard and pulsing dick in my mouth. Moving back and forth. Slowly. He has one hand in my hair, clutched tightly. His other hand is wrapped firmly around my throat.

I swallow slowly.

He is fucking my mouth. His breath hitches as he moves. I see the muscles in his belly jump as I suck in my cheeks around his dick.

My kitty spasms as he moves and I struggle to free my hands from their binds. I look up at him. His eyes are almost shut and he is breathing hard through his mouth. His hand on my neck tightens and I moan a little.

I feel a rush of wetness from my kitty and I moan. I struggle harder with my bonds and I hear him laugh.

“Not yet, Princess.”

I stare up at him, begging with my eyes to free me. I make an attempt to pull back but his grip on my hair tighten. He pushes more of his dick into my mouth. My eyes water as he pushes harder.  I swallow hard and he moans a little.

“Take all this dick, baby and we’ll see if…if…Fuck…”

My hands turn to fists behind me. My tongue slides out a little as I take a bit more of his dick in my mouth. I gag as he pushes against my throat.

“Breathe…” his voice is shaky.

I breathe out through my nose and  he pushes in. He caresses my neck as he moves. He gasps a little as I struggle to swallow around his dick. “That’s it…there’s a good girl…”

I close my eyes and pull back a little. I move my head forward again, saliva escaping from the sides of my mouth. I stretch my tongue out as far as I could and touched the top of his balls. He hisses and holds my head in both hands.

I choke a little as he starts to fuck my mouth in earnest. I look up at him, and moan. He pulls back a little, leaving just the tip in my mouth. He leans over me, moaning a little as I suck hard on the cap of his dick.

I feel him free my arms and immediately he holds my wrists. “Not yet, Princess. Don’t touch me.”

He releases my hands and pushes his dick into my mouth again. He smiles at the question in my eyes. “Stroke that pussy for me.”

I spread my labia with one hand and strok my clit frantically with the other. My fingers are soaked in seconds. I close my eyes as the sensations course through my body. I suck hard on his dick as much as I can. My scalp prickles and my thighs shake.

I moan in pain as he yanks suddenly on my hair. “Not so fast, baby girl…slowly…don’t cum just yet.”

My kitty spasms almost painfully as I reluctantly stop. I slip one finger, then two inside me and press against my g-spot. He moans as a massive shudder wracks my body. He slides one hand down my chest and grabs a boob. His fingers find my nipple and pinches it. All the while, he never stops his assault on my mouth.

I look up at him again. His eyes were completely closed now and his breath comes in short bursts out of his mouth. Sweat has beaded on his forehead, despite the chill in the room. Now and then, I hear tiny moans escape him. I hear swear words, my name and some prayers. I slowly start to stroke my clit again. I moan a little as I felt the immense pleasure race through my body and I trace the fingers of one hand along his thigh and he froze.

I open my eyes to see him looking at me, his expression half something akin to pain and half smirking. I slowly lower my hand and continued to stroke my clit. He had stopped moving and just watches me. His dick pulsed in my mouth and I started to suck on it as much as I could.

“Fuck.” He hisses. “That’s it. Just like that…you’re a bad girl, aren’t you?”

I close my eyes as I stroke my clit faster. I moan around his dick as I felt my orgasm closing in. My body tightens and I arch my back. His hands grip my head tightly. I barely hear him swear as I came.

I press hard against my clit as I cum and I shudder over and over again. He pulls away from me and I feel him lift me and lay me on the bed. I open my eyes just as he pushes himself inside me…


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