The Game (R18+)


“Don’t you dare move.” He ordered. He was breathing hard and his hard on was visible through his shorts. I, on the other hand, was tied up in his bed, dressed in crotchless fishnet stockings and red heels. He had a camera and was hopping about like a kangaroo high on Viagra, taking pictures.
My legs were spread open, my wet pussy exposed. I had come over for nothing but some disrespectful sex but he was in one of his moods and this was what he wanted to do. I was sure I was going to get fucked six ways from Sunday, but I was beginning to get annoyed.

“Hey Daddy, let’s play a game.” I said, attempting to close my legs.

“Don’t!” he barked. In the next breath; “I’m listening.”

“But you have to untie me first.” I said, “You’d love it I swear.” He said nothing, taking more pictures of me, like I hadn’t said anything.

Sometimes I wondered why I put up with his nonsense, then his hand moved into his shorts and stroked his monster. I smiled, yea, that was it. He was a beast in the sack and I wasn’t tired of that just yet.
He put down his camera and came to untie me. “Tell me about this game.” He said freeing me. Immediately my hands went into his shorts and grabbed his dick. I squeezed the tip and he sighed, his eyes closed. As I stroked, I whispered; “I want to tease you and see how much you can take before you beg me…”

He smiled a little, a small groan escaping him as I stroked. “OK babe…I’m game.”

“But I’ll have to tie you up though.” I said with a smiled, rubbing my teeth against the tip of his dick through his shorts. “Just a little bit…”

He frowned and looked at me. I covered the cap of his dick through his shorts with my mouth and blew…his eyes closed again.

“Fuck…OK, let’s do your thing.”
He was tied up on his bed, naked. Seated with his legs spread in front of him. I wore just my fishnet stockings, leaning against the pillows I put behind me. I pulled out two of my vibrators and a bullet. “OK, Daddy, which one do we use?” You choose.”

“What crazy game do you have in mind?” he asked. “What are you planning to do with those?”

“Just pick one.”

He sighed. He was getting annoyed, I could see. “Fine. The bullet.”

I smiled. “Good choice. That’s my favorite. After you, of course.” I pushed the rest of the bed and leaned against the pillows again, spreading my legs and touching my clit. I turned on the bullet. “Ready?”

His eyes were drawn to my hand between my legs and he didn’t answer. Using two fingers, I spread my pussy lips and put the vibrating bullet on the side of my clit. I gasped as the sensations started coursing through my body. My heart was racing and I wanted to close my eyes and enjoy it. Badly. But no…this was my game, and I intended to finish it. I moved the bullet a bit and I moaned, my breath hitching. I looked at him; he was staring at my pussy with glassy eyes and his mouth was open as his breathing increased. His hands clenched into fists in my loose bindings. He licked his lips and I closed my eyes as I imagined what he could do to me with those…

…my clit was trapped gently between his teeth as his tongue lashed against it. My hands were in his hair and I didn’t know whether to pull him even closer or push him away. I pushed closer against him as he started sucking on my clit. “Please, Daddy don’t stop!” I moaned. “Don’t. Stop.” I felt him push two fingers inside me and move them as fast as he could manage. I felt myself squirt…

…he groaned aloud and I opened my eyes. His dick looked angry, I could see the veins and I wondered how far I could push him. I slowed down with the bullet and pushed two fingers inside me.

“Fuck. Baby, untie me…” he moaned. “Now…”

I ignored him, pulled my fingers out of my pussy and licked one of them. I dropped the bullet and it fell off the bed. I got on my knees and moved closer to him. “You want a taste?”

He nodded and I moved closer. I looked down at his dick and my pussy clenched. This was what I came for, this what I wanted. But I still wanted to play. I put my finger into his mouth and sighed as he sucked on it, staring at me the whole time. I held his gaze and slowly impaled myself on his dick.

Both of us moaned at the same time and his eyes closed. I stopped myself just as I had the cap of his dick inside me. I sighed shakily and moved upwards. He opened his eyes and stared at me. He wanted to fuck me, I could see it but he didn’t want to beg. He moved his hips and I moved so he was out completely.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked, his voice strained.

“I told you, we are playing a game.” I said, then I kissed him. He groaned as I bit his lower lip. I impaled myself again and he moaned. I felt him struggling with his binds and I pulled away. One of his hands was almost free. I tried to move away before he pulled free, but I felt his hand on my hip, gripping hard. I pouted, “That’s not fair…you are ruining the game.”

He grinned and leaned in to nip at my shoulder. “Untie me. Now.”

I ignored him and rode the cap of his dick as much as I could with him trying to push me. My thighs ached from pushing against him. He left my hip and went to free his other hand. I pulled away from him and slid away from him. He grabbed my ankle and pulled me till he was lying on top of me. I could feel him pulsing against me…I was still pouting.
“You ruined my game…” I said.

“Then we’ll play a new game.” He said, trying to push inside me. “He frowned…”What now?”

I looked away. I really wanted him to fuck me like the slut I wanted to be, but he was being unfair. He sighed. “Fine. We’ll play. But you aren’t tying me up again.”

I pushed him till he was lying down and I kissed him. His held my head in his hands but I pulled them away. “Don’t touch me. Yet.”

He growled and put his hands behind his head. “OK.”

I kissed my way down his chest. He jerked when I licked his nipple, his arms flexing as he tried not to reach for me. I kissed his stomach, bumping his dick with my chin. He hissed as he felt my breath on his crotch.

“Fuck.” He moaned when I licked my way up and down his dick. He froze as I took as much of his dick into my mouth…

I felt his hands in my hair. “I’ll make it up to you…” he snapped as I tried to stop.

I pulled away and he grabbed me. He pulled me close and started to kiss me. “I have had enough of this game…I’m done playing.”


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