Yes Daddy (R18+)


I flinched and sighed as he spanked me again. I moaned as he thrust up inside me as I rode him reverse cowgirl. He spanked me again. “Don’t slow down, bitch! Ride that dick.”

I loved it when he spoke to me like that when we fucked. I brought out the beast in me. My head was spinning from the weed and drugs in my system and my heart raced from the sensations coursing through my body. He spanked me again and again and again. I rode him as if my life depended on it. And it kind of did.

I felt my orgasm, one of the many I had had tonight, rushing up from my over sensitive kitty to my legs, my arms and my brain. I started to shake. “Yeah, just like that slut…come for daddy.” He said as he gripped my waist hard. “Just. Like. That!”

He pulled me up against him as I slumped to the side, breathing hard, and hearing my heart beating in my ears.

“Are you OK?” he asked, kissing my neck. I smiled and stretched. I could feel his dick pressed against my back. His breath hitched as he pressed harder against me.

“Yes Daddy…” I smiled at how shaky my voice sounded. That had been some ride but I wasn’t done…

I pulled myself up to my knees next to him. I leaned in and took his left nipple between my teeth gently, using my tongue to tease him. He arched against me. “Oh…fuck…”

My hand made its way down his stomach till I held his dick in my hand. Or at least, I tried. He was HUGE. The first time I saw it, I was actually convinced that he wouldn’t fit, no way. Not in this life time. Boy, was I wrong.

I stroked his dick, the way he taught me how…slow from the base, tightening my hand as I got to the tip and relaxing as I went back to the base, increasing the pace with each stroke. He pulled my hair, moaning aloud, when I held on with my teeth. “Please…”

“Just like that…” he groaned, as he gripped my hair with one hand and held the back of my neck with the other. “Good girl…” I stopped to suck on the tip of his dick alone. He groaned my name aloud and my kitty tingled again. I struggled to push his entire dick into my mouth. My eyes watered and I choked.

“Yes…yes…Just like that baby…” he chanted, his voice deeper and guttural. “Don’t stop.”

My jaw was beginning to ache and my eyes were tearing up. I pulled his fingers out of my hair and hopped on his dick. I moaned aloud as he filled me up.

The next thing I knew I was flat on my back and he held my throat. My heart jumped…a little bit of fear and a whole lot of excitement. He looked into my eyes and his fingers tightened.  I licked my lips and the he leaned and kissed me gently. Before he started to fuck me hard.

I held on to his arm as he fucked me. His eyes went glassy and his fingers flexed against my throat, tight enough for me to feel it. His other hand went under my hip and held me tight against him.

Between wondering if he was going to choke the life out of me this time and wondering if I should say something, I came. It was so sudden that I sank my nails into his arm. He let go of my throat and sank his teeth into my shoulder as he came.

“I am sure you and that delicious husband of yours are fucking like rabbits.” Ruki giggled as she picked up the phone. “Well, how is the honeymoon?”

I looked at my husband of three days and smiled. “It has been…interesting…”


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