Bad Sex (R18+)

I lay on the lumpy bed and closed my eyes. 

It had been a long day and I was exhausted. I heard him moving around the cramped room looking for God knew what. 

I didn’t open my eyes.

Then I felt him pull my thighs apart and lie on top of me, his lips grazing my cheeks. I turned my head so our lips touched and I held back a sob.

It was dead. I felt nothing as he kissed me. His lips were as hard as stone against my lips and no matter what angle I moved my head, it just got worse. He tried to squeeze my breast through my top and at the same time, tried to grope me through my jeans. I sank my fingernails into his arm and a moan of despair escaped my throat.

For some reason that made him intensify the kiss and whatever he was doing. I thought, briefly, of pushing him off and leaving; but I was here and it was almost midnight.

Besides, Mama ain’t raised no punk ass bitch.

His lips slid down to my throat and for a few seconds I started to enjoy it…I sighed and then flinched when he bit me. Hard. Like, really hard. I thought he was going to break the skin and drink my blood or something weird. My fingernails sunk deeper into his skin until he moaned and pulled away.

He struggled with my top and bra until he took it off and flung them aside. I was fuming because I picked up the underwear just for him and he didn’t even stop to admire it. 


He took my hand and slid it into his pants. Okay, I could work with this…I stroked and he struggled with my jeans. Again he pulled them off, underwear and all and threw it aside. I was not as wet so I was looking forward to some action down there to get things moving.

So…to get things moving, I unzipped his pants and pulled them down. His dick was already at the right angle so all I had to do was put it in my mouth. 


Not even a moan. Or a sigh.

It was quiet except for our breathing.

What the hell?!

He held my head down as I tried to pull away. Okay…he seemed to like it. But his silence unnerved me. Well, it was still early…I felt his finger tease my clit and felt myself get wet in anticipation. Maybe the night wasn’t a total bust.

His finger teased my pussy from the clit down to my opening and back up.


And again.

And again.

All this while I was sucking his hick like my life depended on it. He just kept doing that over and over again. I spread my legs wide and pushed against his finger.


I sat up and he kissed me again. I barely responded. My heart wasn’t in it anymore.

He pulled out a condom and I watched him blankly….as in, my mind was blank. This was it?

He pushed me till I lay on my back before he spread my legs and pushed his dick into me. Hard and fast.

He moaned a little into my ear before he sank his teeth into my sore neck. He started thrusting and once again I felt another stirring of pleasure. I pushed against him and wrapped my legs around his waist.

He thrust hard against me. Once…twice…

That was it.

At this point, I got pissed. I pushed against his chest. “Get off me…”


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