Crush (R18+)

​“Come here…” he said quietly.

My heart was beating almost painfully against my chest. My mouth had gone dry and my legs were shaking. How did he expect me to move? Did he know the effect he had on me? I smiled and walked slowly towards him.

I had taken a chance and finally agreed to visit Ahmed at his place. After months of flirting via BBM and Whatsapp, we both finally had a free weekend to spend together and he invited me over to his place. Now, I met him several months ago at a wedding but we didn’t really get to talk until about four months ago we met again at a mutual friend’s place.

He and I had talked most of the day and then we exchanged numbers. I don’t remember exactly when I developed a crush on him but somehow it had happened. 

After countless messages, dreams and frantic fevered masturbation, the time was finally here.

I smiled when he reached for my hand and pulled me on top of him on the couch. OK, this wasn’t bad. I could work with this.

I sucked in a deep breath when his hand reached under my top to caress my lower back. His other hand was just under my ass, at the top of my thighs. “You were right, you are very soft…” he whispered, his lips just near my ear. 

Goosebumps were raised all over my body and a small moan escaped my lips. My throat felt tight and I could barely swallow. This was killing me.

His lips grazed my neck and he nibbled my collarbone. I shifted so I straddled his thighs and his hands held my hips. His fingers flexed and squeezed. I cleared my throat, and for the life of me, I couldn’t think of anything to say. I moaned again, louder, when he licked the side of my neck. His hands reached under my top again and he pulled me closer, so I could feel his erection on my tummy. I raised my head and opened my mouth to say….

…nothing. He kissed me, trapping the words in my throat. His lips were as soft as I had dreamed. Soft as I had thought about. Softer than my erotic dreams had thought. I bit his bottom lip gently and he made a rough sound. I pushed myself closer to him until I straddled his hips and his erection was right…there.

One of his hands had reached and cupped one of my breasts, I sighed and rolled my hips a little, grinding against him. His hand on my back, clenched against the soft skin of my flesh and he kissed me harder. 

I pulled away, breathing hard and sat up, moving against his hard on involuntarily. He closed his eyes briefly and opened them when I reached to take my top off. He helped me pull the top over my head. He pulled down one cup of my bra and ran his tongue on my hard nipple. I sighed and gave a low whimper. His other hand reached behind me to unhook my bra. 

I pulled his head away from my breasts and kissed him again. Then I started to grind against him, feeling his erection rub against me. He squeezed my breast and rubbed his thumbs against my nipple. I reached between our bodies and struggled with his belt. He let go of one of my boobs and helped me undo his jeans. His breath caught in his throat when I reached in…

…he whispered my name as I squeezed his dick. I loved the way it felt. I had dreamed about this moment so many times and now I had no idea where to start. I wanted him in my mouth, inside me, in so many different positions. I got off him and kneeled between his spread legs. He was already breathing fast in anticipation of what I was about to do. I pulled at his jeans till his dick popped out. I licked my lips as I saw it. Finally…I lowered my head and licked the cap gently, before running my tongue down the side. He tensed as I did that. First I licked down one side, up again and down the other side. His hands reached for my hair and he wrapped my dreadlocks around his fingers and pulled gently “C…”

I finally took his dick into my mouth, took as much of him as I could take, till my eyes burned and I gagged a little. He groaned aloud as I pulled away and started to suck his dick. He moaned my name and held on to my head. As I had done in my head, so many times I sucked his dick, while one of my hand stroked him and the other played with his balls.

He swore as he pulled my hair. My pussy was already soaked and tingling, so I stopped touching his balls and reached to unbuckle my jeans. I pushed my hands into my underwear and stroked my clit. I moaned/whimpered as a sharp wave of pleasure lanced through my body. 

Suddenly he sat up and pulled me away. He pushed me till I was lying on my back and he yanked at my jeans, pulling them off with my underwear. He grinned when he saw my waist beads. He paused to take off his shirt before he leaned and lifted one of my legs over his shoulder…

…I gasped as his lips touched my clit. He licked, and sucked and sometimes nibbled my clit. I cried out as he slid two fingers inside me and started to finger fuck me. I struggled to pull away as he brought me closer and closer. I begged him to fuck me but he just kept going. 

Then everything centered on the onslaught of feelings coming from my pussy. I sank my nails into his arms and arched against him lips…

….I opened my eyes to see him looking down at me. I felt his dick pushing against my still quivering kitty and I lifted my legs to wrap them around his waist. He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against my shoulder.


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