iAnticipate (R18+)

His eyes met mine over his cup as he drank from it and he winked at me. My entire body went hot and I was instant wet. Again.  I smiled and winked back.

We were at a friend’s house party where he and I had been eyeballing each other hungrily all evening. At this rate I would have to change my underwear.

Remi and I had been playing hard to get for a few months now. I wanted him badly and I knew he wanted me too but for some reason, he and I never acted on our feelings. Except…

Last week, the Group went clubbing and he was there. It was going fine until I felt someone grab me and pull me against his chest. I froze and was about to pull away until he leaned and whispered in my ear “Relax…”

I smiled and relaxed. I could feel him just above my rump and I wriggled my hips against him. I felt him harden instantly and he froze momentarily. He grabbed my waist and did a slow grind against me. My legs weakened and I knew I was in for it.

Somehow we ended up against the wall and he turned me so I was facing him. I started to smile and he kissed me. Hot and hard. I wrapped my arms around his neck and using the wall for support, my legs were wrapped around his waist. He pressed against me for a long second and pulled away. For a second I tightened my thighs against his hips before letting go and standing on rubbery legs. He leaned in and whispered in my ear again. “Soon.”

And he was gone.

The club was still loud and smoky. I doubted anyone noticed what had happened.

“I bet I know what you are thinking about.” Remi said behind me. I jumped.

“Is that so?” I asked, my heart racing like a rabbit’s. “Tell me…there’s a prize if you are right.” I smiled and winked.

“A prize, eh?” he asked, pretending to think about it. “Come first…” he said and pulled me away from the party. He held my hand and I enjoyed how small my hand felt in his. I could just imagine how those huge hands would feel grabbing my ass as he fucked me. “Damn…” I whispered.

I felt him let go of my hand and hold my waist. He lifted me and put me on top of something cold. I gasped as my skirt flared, so my bare ass touched the cold surface. It wasn’t pleasant. “Hey!”

He was smirking. “This is just perfect.” He said.

“Perfect for what?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.

He spread my thighs and stood in between them. He held my fae in his hands and kissed me. I moaned as a sharp, sweet twinge lanced through my chest. I held on to his shirt as his kiss turned hard and rough. I reached under his shirt and sank my nails into the skin of his back. He moaned and his hands left my face. He pushed my skirt up above my thighs, I jumped as his fingers grazed my clit behind the thong I was wearing and moaned louder. His breathing was fast as he pushed the fabric aside and pushed one finger, the two inside me. I saw him watching me just before I closed my eyes. I left his back and braced myself on my arms and he finger fucked me. I could feel an orgasm rushing out of me and the he pulled away. I opened my eyes and saw him go on his knees and licked my kitty so hard, I shuddered.

My legs were on his back and one of my hands was at the back of his head. “Fuck, right there…don’t stop. More…don’t stop…”

I felt myself squirt just before I came hard. I clenched my thighs hard against his head and shuddered while swearing and begging. I flinched when he didn’t stop. “F-Fuck me…please.”

In an instant, he was up and kissing me hard.  He struggled with belt on his jeans, every breath he took came out as a moan as I scratched his back. He reached into his back pocket and brought out a condom. I took it from him and reached into his shorts. “Fuck…” he hissed. He watched me with narrowed eyes as I slowly put the condom on. I still felt the spasms from my last orgasm coursing through my body when I finished. He pulled my thong off and putting it in his pocket, pulled me closer. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held on tight. This was it…what I had been waiting for.

I gasped as he thrust hard against me. He muttered something I didn’t  catch under his breath and pulled down the front of my top and bra, releasing my breasts. I moaned as his lips and teeth fastened on my nipple. I sank my nails in his back and he moved faster. His breath came out in short bursts, his thrusts short and fast, surprising me with a long stroke which made me whimper.

At the corner of my eye, I caught a movement and saw two of our friends watching us…


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