iAnticipate (R18+)

His eyes met mine over his cup as he drank from it and he winked at me. My entire body went hot and I was instant wet. Again.  I smiled and winked back. We were at a friend’s house party where he and I had been eyeballing each other hungrily all evening. At this rate […]

Fantasy (R18+)

The room is almost totally dark. Save for the light coming from the open bathroom, illuminating the unmade bed and drinks on the bed side table. The air conditioner is on. I am on my knees. Naked. Goosebumps riddled all over my body. My nipples are hard and pointed. Hands tied at the wrists behind […]

The Game (R18+)

  “Don’t you dare move.” He ordered. He was breathing hard and his hard on was visible through his shorts. I, on the other hand, was tied up in his bed, dressed in crotchless fishnet stockings and red heels. He had a camera and was hopping about like a kangaroo high on Viagra, taking pictures. […]

Yes Daddy (R18+)

  I flinched and sighed as he spanked me again. I moaned as he thrust up inside me as I rode him reverse cowgirl. He spanked me again. “Don’t slow down, bitch! Ride that dick.” I loved it when he spoke to me like that when we fucked. I brought out the beast in me. […]

Quickie (R18+)

“What if someone sees us.” She asked as he lifted her on to the warm bonnet of the car. Even as she asked, she lifted her hips as he pulled her panties off. She flinched as the warm metal touched her bum. “Nobody comes this way.” He said, unzipping his pants. “Besides, I told Ben […]

Temptation (R18+)

I sighed as IK kissed my back. I smiled and stretched. I opened my eyes and blinked at the unfamiliar surroundings. Then it hit me and I sat up with a gasp. “Are you OK?” Mohammed asked. **************************** “I really shouldn’t be doing this.” I said as I leaned against Mohammed’s chest, slowly dancing. We […]

Zuwa: A Love Story (R18+)

“Hey. You up?” Laolu sighed and turned to his side, his arm on my stomach. I froze, but he only snuggled up against me and continued his sleep. I wriggled to a sitting position and quickly put my phone on silent. Almost immediately, he replied. “Just about to leave the office. Will buzz you when […]