Quickie (R18+)

“What if someone sees us.” She asked as he lifted her on to the warm bonnet of the car. Even as she asked, she lifted her hips as he pulled her panties off. She flinched as the warm metal touched her bum. “Nobody comes this way.” He said, unzipping his pants. “Besides, I told Ben […]

Temptation (R18+)

I sighed as IK kissed my back. I smiled and stretched. I opened my eyes and blinked at the unfamiliar surroundings. Then it hit me and I sat up with a gasp. “Are you OK?” Mohammed asked. **************************** “I really shouldn’t be doing this.” I said as I leaned against Mohammed’s chest, slowly dancing. We […]

Zuwa: A Love Story (R18+)

“Hey. You up?” Laolu sighed and turned to his side, his arm on my stomach. I froze, but he only snuggled up against me and continued his sleep. I wriggled to a sitting position and quickly put my phone on silent. Almost immediately, he replied. “Just about to leave the office. Will buzz you when […]

Friends and Lovers (R18+)

“Oh yes, please don’t stop…” Keji tried to sound like like she was enjoying the frenzied rutting as Jacob slammed into her again and again. As he grunted wetly in her ear, she tried not to sigh in annoyance. What the hell was she doing here? Just because of a stupid argument with her best […]

Bathroom Sex (R18+)

I stood in the shower, letting the cold water beat the top of my head. It had been one hell of a day and I was glad it was over. Thank God it was Friday. No work tomorrow. I was going to sleep the hell out of the weekend. I had the essentials; booze, kush, […]

Sex With The Boss (R18+)

“I want to hear you say my name when you come.” He said, breathlessly as he thrust into me. “Say my name.” I sank my nails into the skin of his thighs. I bit my lip, holding back a scream. It had been so long and all I wanted was to cum and cum hard. […]

Intoxicated (R18+)

My eyes were squinted almost shut. I could feel the effects of the “kush” coursing through my body and I welcomed it. At first it started from my toes and fingers…slight tingling and hypersensitivity. Then it spread slowly up my legs and arms until I felt the tingle in by breasts and pussy. I sighed. […]